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NMG Easy Newsletter

Add newsletter to your site for FREE in just few minutes. Allow users to sign up for newsletter or unsubscribe. Create new HTML e-mail messages and send them to thousands of users. It is quick and easy newsletter solution for your web site.

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Product : NMG Newsletter Product : NMG Newsletter Product : NMG Newsletter Product : NMG Newsletter

Requirements: Web server with 3.5 support, SQL 2008 (2005) database. You may download free copy and test it on your server to make sure it will work.

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License for domain - please enter domain name where you want to use product (
E-mail (license key will be send to this address):

NMG Easy Newsletter - How to install

1) Download newest version from our web site :

2) Unzip it and upload all files/folders to your web server

3) Create SQL 2005 (or newer) database. Connect to your new database and run NMGNewsletter.sql (located in SQLScript folder). This will create all the tables and stored procedures the app. needs.

4) Modify and upload web.config file.

- NMGNewsletterConnectionString - change connection string to your new sql database. See example below

- NMGNewsletter - change value from Free to your license. See example below

<add name="NMGNewsletterConnectionString" connectionString="Data Source=sql_server_here;Initial Catalog=database_name_here;User ID=user_name_here;Password=password_here" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />

<add key="NMGNewsletter" value="your_license_here"/>

5) go to control panel > settings and enter all required information

6) Congratulation ! Your site is ready to use.
To access control panel go to
Make sure to secure control panel so only you can access it

NMG Easy Newsletter - After installation

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